Vehicle Loan Services

At First Pioneers Federal Credit Union, we have various services which go hand in hand with vehicle loans. We do not sell these services directly but we have teamed with suppliers that do. We believe these suppliers to be reputable and we believe that they offer products that have excellent cost/benefit provisions. When members agree to purchase such products, they become customers of the supplier and the Credit Union is no longer directly involved.

Extended Warranty

We have an extended warranty policy available through IWS insurance. This warranty is available on new or used cars. It is available on newly purchased vehicles or on vehicles that have been in use (with some restrictions). The level of service that is provided generally exceeds those policies which are sold through dealerships and the cost is generally substantially lower. We feel that First Pioneers Federal Credit Union has found in IWS a company that will provide you, the member a much better cost/benefit ratio than competing dealer sponsored plans. Simply call one of the loan officers to explain the program.

GAP Insurance

One of the problems that face car owners is that sometimes, the retail value of their automobile may be less than their loan balance. In the industry, we call that being “upside down”. Usually, that doesn’t present a problem unless you trade the vehicle in or it is “totaled” in an accident. To prevent this situation from happening, we have partnered with CUNA MUTUAL who provides insurance coverage. This is a true gap insurance policy. If your vehicle gets wrecked and your insurance company gives you less than you owe on your loan, the gap insurance will cover the difference. This makes it easier for you to replace your vehicle.

Auto Insurance

At First Pioneers Federal Credit Union, we are your Credit Union, not your insurance agent. We do not sell auto insurance at the office, but we have an outlet available through CUNA Mutual insurance.3

Vehicle Loan Services

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