Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction /Direct Deposit

Payroll Deduction & Direct Deposit are basic services of First Pioneers FCU. Direct deposit is a basic service of credit unions. Most members qualify for membership because they are employed by a company that is formally associated with First Pioneers Federal Credit Union. Those companies are called Select Employee Groups (SEG). Before a company is allowed to become an SEG, it must authorize payroll deduction for their employees to the Credit Union. By allocating all or a part of the regular paycheck to the come to Credit Union. Whether it is a checking account, regular savings, a loan payment or any one of our many services and products that you might want to make use of, payroll deduction and direct deposit make this process easier. Although direct deposit is not required it is the easiest way to get your money here without taking time out of your busy day to stand in line to make deposits.

What if you don’t work for one of our SEGs? Many companies who are not on our list of SEGs now allow employees to direct deposit from their payroll to the Credit Union. In fact, many companies are moving away from paper payroll checks and requiring direct deposit to a financial institution. At First Pioneers Federal Credit Union, we can accept direct deposit from any employer. Check with your payroll office. If you have a question just call our bookkeeping department or e-mail us at to help you set it up.

We also accept direct deposit from Social Security, government transfer payments and other financial institutions. Direct deposit is an answer to security concerns about mailed Social Security checks. If you assist an elderly member with his or her financial matters, discuss this possibility with them. It will ease their minds considerably.

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