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ATM/Debit Cards


First Pioneers Federal Credit Union has a great ATM program and debit card program. The program is called Cajun Cash® and it is available to all members at no cost. Again, we have put a lot of thought into the program and it is uniquely designed for First Pioneers Federal Credit Union members. What are the details of the Cajun Cash® program?

  • Members with checking accounts qualify for the debit card. Transactions using the card are taken directly from the checking account.
  • Members without checking accounts qualify for the ATM card. Transactions using the ATM card are taken directly from their savings account.
  • There is no annual fee for either card. There is no monthly fee, either.
  • There is no per transaction fee. In fact, regular debit card use is a way to reduce some checking account fees.
  • Both cards are honored at any ATM that honors Pulse, Cirrus, MPACT and CU24 systems. Most ATM units have a nominal terminal fee.
  • THERE ARE NO TERMINAL FEES AT First Pioneers Federal Credit Union ATM MACHINES. The debit card is also a Visa card that is honored wherever Visa is honored.
  • The debit card is honored at essentially all point of sale terminals. Most merchants with point of sale terminals do not charge a terminal fee and most allow additional cash back above the cost of the goods purchased.
  • First Pioneers Federal Credit Union ATM units are located at the main office and inside Stuller Settings.

Just apply to get your free Cajun Cash® card. You should get your card within 7-10 days.


Audio Response

Your Credit Union has a 24-hour voice response system where you can check your balance at any time from anywhere that has a telephone available. To connect to the system, dial (800) 403-6803. You will need to know your account number and your password. A default password has been set up for you; it is the last 4 digits of your social security number. You can change that once you sign on. To check your balances you will also need to know the sub-account codes:

Sub-Account Codes
Sub-Account Code Account Type
01 Regular Savings
02 L’Argent Money Market
15 Lucky Lagniappe
20 Special Savings
75 Basic Checking Account
73 Economy Checking
74 Prestige Checking
77 Fresh Start Checking

Wire Transfer

Your Credit Union can process wire transfers. Wire transfers are done any business day from 8:00 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. With the correct information these funds are guaranteed to arrive at the financial institution of your choice. The advantage to processing a wire transfer is that the funds normally arrive within the same business day. The transfer can be either from your account going out or coming into your account from another financial institution. There is a small fee for this service. To find our more about wire transfers or to process one, please call the Credit Union and ask for the wire transfer department.

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union:

Routing Number 311990511

For further credit:

First Pioneers Federal Credit Union
Account Number 265274451

For final credit:

Member’s Name
Member’s Account Number

There is an incoming wire fee of $10

First Pioneers FCU
Phone 337-272-7616
Fax 337-232-8065

Bill Pay Q&A

How do I start using bill payment?

You begin by adding merchants/payees accounts to your Merchant/Payee list. You can then schedule payments for them using the Setup/Change Payments or QuickPay options.

What kind of bill payments are available?

There are two kinds of bill payments available:

  • One-time – A payment that is processed on the day you specify. On the payment date you specify the payment is sent to the merchant/payee. The merchant/payee will receive the payment 2-5 days after the payment date. The funds are withdrawn from your account once the merchant receives them.
  • Automatic – A recurring payment that occurs at your specified frequency as many times as you indicate.

Why do I get a confirmation number when I make a payment?

Confirmation numbers are provided for all confirmed or modified payments. This is your assurance that a payment will be processed on the date it is scheduled. It is also a reference number that can be used for requesting research.

How will I know if a payment was processed successfully?

The Activity Section will show a status of “Processed” for that particular payment. However, this does not guarantee the merchant/payee received or posted this payment.

How will I know if a payment failed?

The Activity Section will show a status of “Failed” for that particular payment and the system will send you a message to let you know the payment failed. The most common reason for a failed payment is insufficient funds in the account used to make the payment.

Payment history shows my payment was Processed, but my account was not debited. Should I schedule another payment for this payee?

No. Anytime a payment shows a status of processed in the Activity Section, this means that the payment went out to the merchant/payee successfully. The debit to your account can take a few business days to post to your bank account.

Is there a way I can verify online that a merchant/payee received my payment?

If payment was made to the merchant/payee by check, you can determine if the check has been cashed by viewing the payment details under payment history. Actual verification needs to come from the merchant/payee. If the payment was made via electronic remittance, then you must contact the merchant/payee to verify that the payment was received and posted.

What is the maximum amount for any one payment?

There is a pre-determined limit on the amount you can pay. If you are having problems, please contact us.

How far in advance can I set up a payment?

Payments can be set up as much as 12 months in advance.

Do I have to re-enter payments each month?

You can set up automatic payments of the same amount so you do not have to re-enter them each month using the Auto Pay feature.

Are there any payments I should not make through the system?

The following payment types are prohibited through the system: tax payments, court-ordered payments, and payment to payees outside the United States. It is not recommended to pay another bank to which you wish to make a deposit.

How many days before the due date do I need to make a payment?

Unless otherwise specified, we recommend that you specify a payment date at least 5 business days before the due date to ensure your payment reaches its destination on time.

The Bill Pay system says ‘Schedule payment at least 5 business days before due date’, what does this mean?

The number of days before the payment due date is called “lead time.” Lead time covers the time required for the merchant/payee to receive and post the payment (assuming the merchant/payee address and account number are correct). This does not guarantee when the merchant/payee will post the payment. The day that the payment was processed is not included in the lead time. Lead time should be used with discretion, since only user experience with the merchant/payee will determine the number of days the user should allow for actual posting of the payment.

Is there a way to see previous payments?

Payment history is retained for 7 years. You may search for past payments by going to the Activity Section.

What if my recurring or one-time payment falls on a non-business day?

One-time payments cannot be scheduled for non-business days (such as weekends or Federal holidays). Recurring payments are scheduled payments set up to happen on the same day or date each month (for example: each 15th). If one of these recurring dates falls on a non-business day, the payment is processed on the preceding business day.

What do I need to do if one of my merchants/payees notifies me that a payment has not been received?

First, contact the merchant/payee directly to verify that the payment has not been received. Next, confirm that your payment was processed by using the Activity option. View the payment details and select Payment Inquiry to initiate a payment Investigation.

When can I begin making payments to a new merchant/payee I added?

You can begin making payments to that merchant/payee immediately.

How do I add a merchant/payee to my list?

In the Payment Center, select Add a Company or Person and then complete the requested fields.

How do I change the account number or address for a merchant/payee?

In the Payment Center, select the name of the company that you want to make changes to and then update the appropriate information.