Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Fee Description Fee Amount
Share Account Fees (Savings)
Minimum Share Deposit $5.00
Minimum to Earn Interest on Shares $100.00
Savings – Excessive Withdrawal Fee
(after 6 in a given month)
$3.00 per withdrawal
Return Items (3rd Party) $10.00
Excess Money Market Withdrawal
(2 free per month)
Minimum to Earn Interest on
Money Market
Money Market Monthly Fee
(balance less than $500.00)
Christmas Club Withdrawal Fee (Effective 1/1/19) $10.00
Dormant Account Fee $5.00 per month
Share Draft Account Fees
NSF Fees $25.00
Non-Return Draft Fee $25.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $25.00
Stop Payment $20.00
Overdraft Protection Fee (activated by checking) $5.00
Account History Printout $3.00
Statement Reprint $5.00
Check Copy (per check) $2.00
Share Draft (Service Charge) Varies by account type
Checks ordered through Credit Union Varies by style
Other Service Fees Applies (Applies to all accounts)
Drafts sent for Collection $35.00
Certified Check $5.00
Official Checks Made Payable to 3rd Party $10.00
Money Order $2.00
Official Check – 1st One Free, Each additional check $2.00
Lost/Stolen ATM/Debit Cards 1st replacement – No Charge
Each one thereafter – $25.00
Wire Transfer Fee – (Outgoing International) $35.00
Wire Transfer Fee – (Outgoing Domestic) $20.00
Wires – Incoming Fee $10.00
Account Early Closing ( Before 90 days) $25.00