Bill Pay Service – Members currently enrolled in our Bill Pay service need to do 5 (five) Bill Pay transactions a month or a $5 fee will be charged. If you are NOT enrolled in Bill Pay, you will NOT be charged a fee.

How do I start using bill payment?
You begin by adding merchants/payees accounts to your Merchant/Payee list. You can then schedule payments for them using the Setup/Change Payments or QuickPay options.
What kind of bill payments are available?
Why do I get a confirmation number when I make a payment?
How will I know if a payment was processed successfully?
How will I know if a payment failed?
Is there a way I can verify online that a merchant/payee received my payment?
What is the maximum amount for any one payment?
How far in advance can I set up a payment?
Do I have to re-enter payments each month?
Are there any payments I should not make through the system?
How many days before the due date do I need to make a payment?
The Bill Pay system says 'Schedule payment at least 5 business days before due date', what does this mean?
Is there a way to see previous payments?
What if my recurring or one-time payment falls on a non-business day?
What do I need to do if one of my merchants/payees notifies me that a payment has not been received?
How will I know if an automatic payment instruction has expired?
When can I begin making payments to a new merchant/payee I added?
Can I pay someone who does not appear on my list?
How do I add a merchant/payee to my list?
How do I change the account number or address for a merchant/payee?