1. Preamble

The First Pioneers Federal Credit Union recognizes the importance of our responsibility in protecting our members’ private information. We want to protect the personal and financial information that members have entrusted to us. We have developed the following privacy policy and approach that respects and addresses our members’ needs. We believe that all personal and financial information specific to a member that is provided to the Credit Union through any channel is what constitutes personal information.

2. Personal Information Collection

A. When a member applies for a Credit Union account or service, we collect personal information in order to process the application. This information may be retained by us so that we can provide the products and services requested. Some of the information is handled by our operating partners (like Check Free, Experian, etc.). Our operating partners have agreed to abide by this policy.

B. When a member opens or uses an account or service from the Credit Union, we retain personal information in the context of using that product or service, including the transaction information.

3. Use and Sharing of Personal Information

A. The Credit Union will use personal information as appropriate in the normal course of our business to provide the products and services the member requests. We will also use this information to provide positive personal member identification.

B. We will not disclose information to third parties (excluding credit union affiliates) concerning the member’s account except:

  • When such disclosure is necessary to complete the transactions.
  • To verify the existence and condition of the account for a third party (such as a credit bureau) as is permitted by law.
  • To comply with any court order or applicable laws or regulations.
  • When the member gives permission.

C. The Credit Union does not and will not sell or provide personal information to third parties for independent use. We may, however, share personal information with our credit union affiliates (such as CUNA Mutual) as allowed by law if that information is required to provide a product or service to the member.

4. Accuracy of Personal Information/Disclaimer

A. The Credit Union intends to exercise reasonable procedures in order to assure the accuracy of our records and members’ personal information. Inaccurate information, when brought to our attention, will be corrected as promptly as possible. If members have any questions regarding the accuracy of the personal information, the Credit Union should be contacted. We will investigate and update the records as needed.

B. We request that members keep their personal information as current as possible so they may get the maximum benefit from the Credit Union.

C. This policy does not address every possible contingency and circumstance. It is intended to provide guidance to Credit Union management and is not intended to create enforceable legal rights for any individual. The Credit Union does not bear any responsibility for any actions (or lack of action) or policies of third party affiliates or non-affiliates. Exceptions to this policy may be authorized by the Credit Union’s CEO, Board of Directors and Chairman of Supervisory Committee. The Credit Union reserves the right to change this policy at any time, with or without notice.

5. Complaints

Because of the Credit Union’s high commitment to confidentiality of member information, complaints relating to this policy or the Credit Union’s perceived non-compliance of this policy, should be forwarded directly to the Credit Unions CEO or to a member of the Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee for prompt consideration. All communication should be directed through the Credit Union.


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